Helping Families Have Positive Futures

My father died when I was young, and it was a very difficult time for me. Luckily, when my mother remarried, my stepfather became a positive influence in my life. However, many children aren’t so lucky.

I see many of these children in my courtroom. They have been forced into the legal system through delinquency or abuse and neglect, and they are in desperate need of support that they aren’t getting at home or elsewhere. It is my job to get them the support they need so they can become productive citizens with positive futures.

A major part of my legal and judicial career has been focused on families. It started when I got involved in a legal clinic while a young man in law school. There I helped represent lower-income families struggling to get by. Since then, most of my thirty-year legal career has been spent helping children and families. When asked my biggest legal accomplishments, I point to the families I’ve helped reunite and the children I’ve helped have positive futures.

As a lawyer, I worked for nearly twenty years to give children a greater voice in how decisions are made that impact their lives. One of my greatest honors was when I would be named guardian ad litem for a child, being trusted by the judge to represent their best interests.

Now as a Lake County Associate Judge for the past ten years, I hear cases in Juvenile Court, focusing on child abuse and neglect matters as well as juvenile delinquency cases. My courtroom is a place where children and families get the support they need. Social workers, probation officers, and attorneys all collaborate to ensure children and families are provided the services they need in the most difficult time in their lives. We couple this support with direction and accountability for all involved.

I have my eyes and ears on each of my cases constantly, monitoring progress, and making sure that all involved parties are doing their part to help each child and family. I also hold the Department of Children and Family Services accountable, ensuring they are providing any necessary services and handling situations appropriately. My hope and goal in each situation is that these minors have positive outcomes and while it doesn’t happen every time we are encouraged and excited by each positive report.

I understand that my decisions affect lives, especially the lives of young people. That’s why I strive to be fair in every decision, making consistent and impartial decisions according to the law. My courtroom is a respectful place where people are heard and rights are protected. I operate with integrity not just while on the bench but in my personal life, trying to live as an example for these very impressionable children.

This position is not an easy one, and because it is an awesome responsibility you need experienced judges. I spent nearly twenty years in private practice gaining the legal experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the wide variety of legal matters you face as a judge. Then as a judge for ten years, I’ve learned how to run an effective courtroom and make fair and impartial decisions in a timely manner. I’ve earned the respect of judges, lawyers, and law enforcement professionals, evidenced by the high ratings I’ve received when evaluated. Judicial experience matters and makes a difference.

Please vote for me for Lake County Circuit Judge so I can continue to serve our community. I’ve lived in Lake County and in Libertyville since I was ten years old, and my wife’s family is all from Libertyville. To be the second person in my family to graduate from college and the first to go to law school, and now to have the honor of serving my hometown as judge gives me an enormous sense of pride. I hope you’ll allow me to continue to serve our community as a judge.

Judge Chris Morozin
19th Judicial Circuit Court Judge – Third Subcircuit
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