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Committed to his family and yours.

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Hear from people who know him and learn why his mix of legal experience, compassionate justice and seeking positive solutions makes him the most qualified choice to fill the vacancy of his good friend, the late Judge Thomas Schippers.

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Meet Judge
Chris Morozin

Judge Chris Morozin is an experienced judge and widely-respected lawyer with nearly 30 years of experience practicing law in Lake County.

Judge Morozin is a Lake County Associate Judge, serving in the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court since 2010.  As judge, he currently hears cases in the Juvenile Court. He has also heard cases in the Family Law Division and the Misdemeanor/Traffic Division. Prior to becoming a judge, he spent his career in private practice for nearly 20 years at the law firm Soffietti, Johnson, Teegen, Phillips, Ortiz, & Morozin where he became a partner. He graduated from Marquette University and earned his Juris Doctorate from DePaul University College of Law. He and his wife have four children and live in Libertyville.
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